Mindy Waldron, Department Administrator

Carol Gigli, Director of Finance
Penni Moran, Administrative Support
Jennifer Miller, Administrative Support

Megan Tinkel, Director of Communications

Melissa Woodworth, Support Staff Supervisor
Mandy Brown, Support Staff
Danielle Wasson, Support Staff
Sarah Boylan-Gore, Support Staff

Jana Sanders, Director of Informatics
Angie Durnell, Medical Billing/Coding Specialist

Sarah Castillo, Director of Vital Records
Kristi Gephart, Assistant Director of Vital Records
Brittney Billingsley, Vital Records
Anna Williams, Vital Records
Courtney Brown, Vital Records

VACANT, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Steve Schumm, Director of Food & Consumer Protection
Michelle Radosevich, Assistant Director of Food & Consumer Protection
Shelby Walters, Food & Consumer Protection
Matthew Rosbrugh, Food & Consumer Protection
Samantha Nirva, Food & Consumer Protection
Kayla Dickerson, Food & Consumer Protection
Korby Anderson, Food & Consumer Protection

Gary Chapple, Director of Pollution Control
Mark Herber, Assistant Director of Pollution Control
Kathy Doseck, Pollution Control/Laboratory
John McCue, Pollution Control
Ryan Sievers, Pollution Control
Steven Kiermaier, Pollution Control
Audrey Graft, Pollution Control
Nellie Peffley, Pollution Control

David Fiess, Director of Vector Control & Environmental Svcs
Josh Blauvelt, Assistant Director of Vector Control & Environmental Svcs
Teresa Marion, Vector Control & Environmental Svcs
Francis Koch, Vector Control & Environmental Svcs
Sarah Winling, Vector Control & Environmental Svcs
Cindy Wable, Vector Control & Environmental Svcs
Trina Riecke, Vector Control & Environmental Svcs

Deborah McMahan, MD, Health Commissioner

Susie Cisney, Director of Clinical Services
Lindsay Horace, Clinical Practice Manager
Deb Trabel, Clinical Services
Audrey Dominguez, Clinical Services
Rubina Berumen, Clinical Services
Brenda Carter, Clinical Services
Thant Win Myint, Clinical Services
Holly Kelly-Curry, Clinical Services
Cara Friend, Nurse
Kelli Roe, Nurse Practitioner
Rebecca Kopke, Administrative Assistant

Ei Aung, Interpreter
Saw Ridgeway, Interperter

Steve Williams, Immunization Services/Clinical Services
Jessica Chaney, Immunization Services/Clinical Services
Rodeline Constant, Immunization Services
Jasmine Cox, Immunization Services/Clinical Services
Laura Curry, Immunization Services/Clinical Services

Erika Pitcher, Director of Community Health & Case Management Services
Laura Weaver, Community Health & Case Management
Angela Klopfenstein, Community Health & Case Management
Laura Sanchez, Community Health & Case Management
Phil Steigerwald, Community Health & Case Management

Kathy Thornson, Director of HIV/STD Prevention
Rochelle Feldheiser-Keyes, HIV/STD Prevention
Pamela Cashdollar, HIV/STD Prevention
Korrin Taylor, HIV/STD Prevention
Kim Hoffman, HIV/STD Prevention & CHCMS