Public Swimming Pools and Spas

The Department of Health investigates complaints related to public swimming pools & spas. If you wish to report a possible health violation, you can call (260) 449-7126 or submit it to us online via our Complaint Portal. You can leave your name or remain anonymous. If you choose to leave your name with the complaint, it may appear on the public record. We typically follow up on complaints within 24 business hours.

The Department of Health’s Pollution Control division issues permits and conducts inspections of public swimming pools and spas to promote safe recreational swimming and prevent the spread of disease.

swimming poolsThese inspections include making sure the pool is in compliance with applicable state laws and local ordinances, ensuring the water is tested regularly for correct chemistry and adequate disinfection, and verifying that the facility is free of other chemical or physical hazards. All operators are required to keep records of water quality testing results and accidents.

Year-round pools are inspected at least twice a year and seasonal pools at least once a year. A pool may also be inspected as the result of a complaint. Staff also review plans for any new construction or renovation to ensure structural / mechanical issues are addressed.

Below you will find information on state and local regulations, permit applications, resources on pool safety and other helpful resources.

If you have additional questions on obtaining a swimming pool/spa permit or to wish to report a complaint, please call us at (260) 449-7126.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Permit Application


Educational Materials

Below are links to videos and publications related to pool and chemical safety.


Pool Chemical Safety (Chlorine Institute and American Chemistry Council).

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