Executive Board of Health

The Allen County Department of Health is governed by a seven-member Executive Board. Board members are unpaid community volunteers; their backgrounds can vary but at least two must be physicians. The Allen County Board of Commissioners appoints all members of the board, and the board appoints the Health Commissioner and Department Administrator.


Current board members are:

  • William Pond, MD, President 
  • Patricia Hays, RN Vice-President
  • James Cameron, MD
  • Marlon Wardlow
  • Mary Hess, RN
  • Debra Lambert
  • Ted Sobol
  • Laura Maser, Board attorney

2022 Meetings

The board typically meets in the Council Chambers Courtroom, Room 035, on the Garden Level of Citizens Square, 200 E. Berry St., unless otherwise noted. Meetings begin at 5:45 p.m.

2021 Meetings

2020 Meetings

2019 Meetings

2018 Meetings

Agenda will be posted at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

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