Healthy Homes

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Healthy homesMost people spend 90 percent of their time indoors; therefore the home should be a safe and healthy refuge for the entire family. You cannot see or smell some of the dangers that may be making your home unhealthy. Things like lead, mold and radon can be harmful if not identified.

Children are especially at risk of home health hazards because their bodies are still growing. For their size, children eat more food, drink more water and breathe more air than adults, so they can get a bigger dose of a harmful substance when exposed to the same amount as an adult. Also, children play and crawl on the ground which puts them closer to things like dust and chemicals which might cause health problems.

The good news is there are some very simple solutions for minimizing home hazards and keeping your indoor air quality healthy and safe to breathe. Actions you can take include:

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  • Keep your home dry – repair leaks, keep the house well-ventilated, keep surfaces clean and dry, and throw away/replace items that have been wet for more than two days
  • Keep your home clean – dust can trigger allergies and asthma; spilled food and liquids attract rodents and insects
  • Minimize clutter – clear pathways and having good lighting help prevent falls
  • Do not store combustible (easy to burn) products indoors – keep them away from heat, sparks and fire
  • Keep all cleaning products, medicines, pesticides and other hazardous materials like matches out of the reach of children
  • Do not smoke indoors
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check them regularly
  • Test for hazards such as lead and radon; follow the advice of a professional in fixing identified hazards
  • Keep emergency numbers such as poison control in or next to your phone (1-800-222-1222)

Below is more information on specific home health hazards, a questionnaire for assessing your risk and other helpful resources.

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Healthy Homes Risk Assessment Questionnaire

The questions below will help you determine whether or not you have home hazards that need to be addressed.

Question 1

Is the air in your home clean and healthy?

Question 2

Are extension cords kept to a minimum and covered to avoid tripping?

Question 3

Are there working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with good batteries in the house?

Question 4

Are there any signs of cockroaches, rats and mice or other pests present?

Question 5

Does anyone smoke in the house?

Question 6

Are there handrails present and good lighting in all areas where there are three or more steps?

Question 7

Are there signs of moisture or mold in the house?

Question 8

Are electrical outlets safely covered?

Question 9

Is the house clean and free of clutter?

Question 10

Are medications, household chemicals or other poisons stored where children can’t reach them?

Educational Materials

Below are links to videos and publications related to healthy homes issues.

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