TB Consortium of Allen County

The TB Consortium provides training and certification of health professionals in Allen County. The consortium is a partnership among the Allen County Department of Health, Lutheran Health Network and Parkview Health.

Core Initiatives

The TB Consortium will:

  • Collaborate to promote efficient use of resources
  •  Provide TB educational programs with will meet the needs of both community and health care settings
  • Provide a strong community initiative and process, utilizing local management
  • Utilize support from the the Allen County Department of Health, Indiana State Department of Health, American Lung Association and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) resources to provide guidelines to assure quality and consistency of programs.  

In addition, the Consortium:

  • Provides an Annual TB Instructor Update.
  • Developed a TB Reactor Card for those individuals who have a positive reaction. This card is to be carried by the individual as proof of positive reaction as well as any treatment that may have been completed. If you are interested in getting a copy of the reactor card, please contact Erika Pitcher at erika.pitcher@allencounty.us or call (260) 449-4838.
  • Provides certification in TB skin testing through Lutheran Health Network, Parkview Health and Business Health   

TB 101 for Healthcare Workers

TB skin testTB 101 is required to be completed for TB skin testing certification. It is also required to be completed yearly for TB Consortium Instructors to maintain their Instructor status. 

We have provided access for those who are not affiliated with either Lutheran Health Network or Parkview Health to access and complete this training.


  1. Go to http://www.cdc.gov/tb/webcourses/TB101/default.htm and click on the link Start TB 101 for Health Care Workers.
  2. Complete the Course
  3. Print the TB 101 Test. Minimum passing score is 80%.
  4. Schedule a check-off session no later than 60 days after reviewing the course and doing the test.

*To find the TB 101 test online, go to http://www2a.cdc.gov/TCEonline

Lutheran Health Network  

  • Go to the Lutheran Health Network Education Site
  • Click on section to register for classes online
  • Choose TB 101 Skills Check offs
  • Choose either “All Months” or a specific month you would like, then click Submit
  • Click on the Class you would like to register for
  • Ensure you take completed test to the checkoff session

Parkview Health Systems

Contact either of the nurses below to schedule:

Joann Byler at (260) 373-7237 or joann.byler@parkview.com

If you have any questions, please download our FAQ’S about TB and TB testing or contact Erika Pitcher at erika.pitcher@allencounty.us or (260) 449-4838.

Parkview Health TB 101 Part 2 Skills Check off Classes for 2017

Workforce Development-Core Education
Joann Byler at 373-7237

Send instructor emails to:


Thursday 10/26/17 0800-1000 4402 E State St Classroom B 20
Thursday 10/26/17 1000-1200 4402 E State St Classroom B 20
Thursday 11/09/17 1200-1400 4402 E State St Classroom B 20
Thursday 11/09/17 1400-1600 4402 E State St Classroom B 20
Thursday 12/07/17 0800-1000 4402 E State St Classroom B 20
Thursday 12/07/17 1000-1200 4402 E State St Classroom B 20

TB Instructor Classes (not in NL- Educator reference ONLY)

Thursday 10/26/17 1200-1400 4402 E State St Classroom B 10

Educational Materials

Below are links to videos, publications and PowerPoint presentations on TB-related topics.

CIDNAC 2018: Indiana’s Bovine Tuberculosis Program
Presented by: Shelly Chavis, DVM

CIDNAC 2018: Killer Flu on the Loose! Predictions around the 2018-2019 Flu Season.
Presented by: Scott Stienecker, MD

CIDNAC 2018: Tuberculosis Screening in Healthcare Workers
Presented by: Michael Knipp, MD – Parkview Occupational Health

CIDNAC 2018: Allen County Infectious Disease Update & The New Epidemic(s)
Presented by: Erika Pitcher, MPA & Deborah McMahan, MD

My TB Story: Jill
My TB Story: Humberto
My TB Story: Mat Sa Lin
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