Get Records

Looking for a record? Click on the category below to find out how you can access or request the records you need from the Department of Health.

If you have general questions, please call our main line at (260) 449-7561.

Birth & Death Records

Birth and death certificates  for events occurring in Allen County are issued to interested parties with valid identification.

Affidavits of Paternity

Find out how to obtain a properly executed paternity affidavit and get an official copy from our office.

Medical/Vaccination Records

Vaccination records and medical records for services performed in our clinics are available to clients upon request with valid identification.

Health Inspection Records

Go to our new Allen County Health Inspector site and look up health inspection records for restaurants, tattoo parlors, hotels/motels and swimming pools right from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Phase I Environmental Assessments

Request a records review of a real estate property to determine any prior or potential environmental contamination.

Other Public Records

All public records maintained by the Department of Health are available by request for copy or inspection during normal business hours.