Medical/Vaccination Records

Patient medical records are not public information and may only be shared with the patient themselves or other public health authorities who abide by the same confidentiality restrictions required by the Department of Health under state and federal law.

If you have been a patient in one of our clinics, you may request a copy of your medical records. You may be required to show identification.  Please call (260) 449-7504 or visit:

Allen County Department of Health
Medical Annex
4813 New Haven Ave.
Fort Wayne, IN 46803

To request these records by mail, fill out our Medical Records Request Form with your signature and date of birth. Please include a copy of a picture ID and be specific on the medical records you are requesting.

Please note:  there will be a small fee to obtain a copy of your medical records including the cost of postage if mailed to you.

  • $10 for records that are 4 or more pages
  • $2 for records that are 3 or less pages

For a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices, click below.

Notice of Privacy Practices (English)
Notice of Privacy Practices (Burmese)
Notice of Privacy Practices (Spanish)

Vaccination Records

The Indiana State Department of Health maintains a vaccination registry system known as CHIRP (Children and Hoosier’s Immunization Registry Program) to collect, manage, and share vaccine data with registered medical providers in Indiana. Providers can include private medical facilities, local health departments, hospitals, schools and pharmacies.

The MyVaxIndiana Immunization Portal allow an individual to access his or her vaccine record or a dependent’s vaccine record in the CHIRP system from any computer.

To access your vaccination record, follow the steps below:

  1. Obtain a Patient ID Number
    You will need a Patient ID Number (PIN) to access a record using MyVaxIndiana. A PIN can be requested from your medical provider, local health department, and many other vaccine providers.
  2. Get Your Record
    Select Search from the menu bar to access your record. Enter your information , PIN, & review the record release statement. Select the Get MyVaxIndiana button to lookup the record requested.
  3. Print, Fax, Download 
    You can print, download or request a copy to be faxed. Please note: The printed copy, downloadable copy,and fax are all State of Indiana Official Immunization Records.

To request a PIN from the Department of Health, call (260) 449-7514.

To learn more, visit MyVaxIndiana.